Professional Valuations

Commercial surveys and valuations

Our Commercial Survey and Valuation department in Colchester, Essex provides professional advice on all aspects commercial property for private individuals, companies, lending institutions, Banks and Building Societies.

A good commercial surveyor like Thomas Noble who heads up the Commercial Division at Nicholas Percival will be able to call on their extensive experience and offer a bespoke service designed to suit your specific circumstances.

Our range of services includes:


  • Full Structural Surveys
  • Building Surveys
  • Full Building Surveys

Valuation Reports

  • Open market Valuation
  • Bank Valuations
  • Retrospective Valuations
  • Building Reinstatement Insurance Valuations

Property Finance Valuations

  • Valuations for Accountancy and Tax
  • Valuations for Capital Gains Tax (or taxation)
  • Valuations for Tax Planning purposes
  • Valuations for Probate Valuations for matrimonial purposes

Other services

  • Rating Appeals and Negotiations
  • Building Defect Reports
  • Schedule of Dilapidation’s

Two of our most popular services are Property Finance Valuations and Valuations for Accountancy and Tax. Thomas Noble, Commercial Director gives more detailed insight in to these services.

Commercial Property Lending is one of the most challenging areas of the banking arena. The bank’s interests and those of a prospective borrower are not always easy to reconcile; a task which is not helped by the ever increasing pressure to give a quick decision. We know that most of our commercial lending clients don’t even try to compete on cost alone. You prosper by developing relationships built on trust. That trust only comes from the confidence high standards of service generate.

Detailed reports, addressing the issues that you require, are only our starting point. Our expertise, and the deep understanding of matters such as Landlord and Tenant Law that comes from our rent review work, means that we are often able to go further than merely identifying problems and risks. We see our role as providing you with the necessary information to make a valid assessment of a proposal, and not just providing a figure. Wherever possible we will quantify the risks in order to help you to make a considered a judgement.

We also know that the borrower’s perception of the service they receive is enhanced when they have confidence that our report will be issued on time, particularly if funds are required for completion. We will liaise with your client, with a view to developing that confidence from the day we are instructed.

Valuations for accounts and taxation

Whether you are acquiring a business, merely interested in ensuring that the value of your property assets are correctly reflected in your accounts, or have a taxation issue, we can provide a professional valuation that fits your requirements. Once we have discussed your needs with you, we can suggest the type of valuation you need and how detailed a report, ranging from a valuation certificate meeting the minimum requirements laid down by the RICS (Red Book) to a fully reasoned valuation report. Our experience providing valuations to some of the UK’s major lenders has equipped us to provide a service of the highest quality and accuracy.

For an initial chat or to set up a meeting to discuss how we can help you, please contact me on 01206 563222 or visit us at our Colchester Offices which are located just off the A12 in Stanway, Colchester, Essex.

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